Weekly review favourite

Greetings to all partners and participants! )

We have closed another business week and are happy to share the results with you.
Favourite.bz grows and evolves every day. New people reach the project via your referral links and sign up – this is what we call success)) In one week, our revenue and users community have grown more than 2.5X!

So what makes Favourite Limited so popular? Our educated guess is that everyone likes the regular automated payouts and our banging cool affiliate programme which lets you make more and more money! Starting Monday and all through until Friday the deposit interest goes up, boosting the affiliate income for our most active partners ranked Master and higher. Not bad at all, is it?)

Here is some fresh stats for you

As you can see for yourself, our community has been growing the world over, with lots of new sign-ups from America, Russia, Indonesia, Brazil, Philippines, Vietnam, and other countries. And note the mobile device visitors figure – last week we have made the mobile version of the platform lighter and easier to use, and it shows.

As to the results of the poll, most participants have favoured the live help feature. This totally makes sense: as we grow, so does the number of help desk tickets.

On Wednesday, 10th October we will add the round-the-clock live help service to the website. It will deal with general inquiries only, while updating payment info or personal data and other technical issues should still be resolved with our administrators by writing to support@favourite.bz.

During the week we will create a new poll and post it in the news. Subscribe to our news feed and share with us your thoughts and comments. Your feedback will help Favourite grow and become even more awesome!)

Thank you for choosing us!

on 07 oct 2018

Weekly review favourite

Greetings all ))

We have successfully navigated through the first week since the launch and are delighted to see that our most active users like the project’s affiliate programme! Thanks, we have a hundred or more new sign-ups every day. People seem to appreciate Favourite.bz for its innovative, effective marketing system and automated payouts.

Some website stats:

Attention partners:

We have the first partner to reach the rank of Master – our heartfelt congrats and thanks for partnership go to user start! Upon reaching the rank of Master (35 level I referrals having opened a deposit), our partners get the following: the option to display personal stats on the main page; fill in their contact info in the profile setting; post a link to their website, video channel or social page in the status field; and advertise on the home page of the Favourite Limited project, which gains popularity every day. Bit of alright, isn’t it? ))

These features might be especially useful to active participants who run their own websites or social pages and make money on ads. And don’t forget: starting with the Master rank and up, referral bonuses are calculated based on all existing level I deposits – and they are lifelong!

Since a huge part of our community uses mobile devices to access our website, we are planning to improve and streamline our mobile version very shortly, to our users’ greater benefit!

We also have a favour to ask of you: please leave your comments on payouts and deposits under the Testimonials section. Your feedback will help us serve you even better.


We have decided to create a poll so you could let us know which new website features and improvements you’d like to see first and foremost. We will introduce them based on your votes)

What feature should we add next week?

ETHEREUM deposit/withdrawal support
Live help
Russian version of the website

on 30 sep 2018

Have an outstanding day, everyone! Join us! Our community is more than 2700 users strong!

FAVOURITE.BZ Administrator

on 09 oct 2018

Welcome to the FAVOURITE.BZ website!

After a simple registration you will be able to make your first deposits. Earnings based on these deposits are withdrawn automatically to your e-wallet every 8 hours. Make good money by taking advantage of our experience and skills in the investment platform field! Don’t hesitate to contact our help desk whenever you have any questions, and follow our social pages to stay current on our news and updates.

Thank you for choosing us)

FAVOURITE.BZ Administrator

on 23 sep 2018

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